My Favorite 1960s Dragnet #6: The Big Explosion

This was the second episode of Dragnet 1967 and one of Dragnet’s most suspenseful stories as Friday and Gannon search for 400 pounds of missing explosives. This episode is fantastic as the suspense builds as we go from finding out the explosives were taken to finding out who has them and then we have to wonder what he’ll do with them.

This episode is notable for being the first airing of Dragnet to address racial issues. (While the Dragnet 1966 movie touched on a racist criminal, the movie didn’t actually air until 1969.)

2 Responses to “My Favorite 1960s Dragnet #6: The Big Explosion”

  1. Michael Galea says:

    A truly Great Episode.

  2. Zeno says:

    The last line of the episode is clever. It was featured in The Best of Crime and Detective Television written by Max Allen Collins and John Javna. Have you read the book? Dragnet was voted the second best police show of all time right behind Hill Street Blues. This was written around 1988. The Dragnet section includes this sone other Friday quotes.

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