Old Time Radio was so successful in the 20th Century thanks to sponsors like Standard of California, Petri Wines, Roma Wines, and Wrigley Gum who helped to support the great radio dramas. They helped underwrite the entertainment of millions while at the same time boosting sales for their own products. The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio is a growing podcast that attracts a well-educated audience that long for the fantastic detectives stories. Our audience is worldwide and includes many professionals in a variety of fields. (Results of our Podtrac audience survey can be shared on request for interested sponsors.) Benefits of Podcast Advertising:

  • Podcast Advertising continues to pay long after you have:When an ad is run on television or on the newspaper or even on a website, it is only good for the days it is running. It disappears. However, when your ad is run on the Old Time Dragnet Show, it will continue to run for as long as the show continues to exist. Podcasts are often played months or even years after they are run. Thus, you pay once for your show’s sponsorship, but your ad will be run for months and years to come.
  • Podcast Advertising Is Inexpensive: The Cost for advertising is $35 per episode. The average episode of The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio receives around 4000 downloads within the first five weeks in circulation. This is a very inexpensive way to reach your target audience.
  • Advertising on Our Show is Flexible: You can advertise on any episode, with no minimums
  • People Love Old Time Radio: Even if you’ve got a small local business, sponsoring the Old Time Dragnet Show could make sense. You could make customers aware that you sponsor an old time radio podcast, which they can listen to and as you let them know about the show, you help your own business as they will hear your ad and be reminded of your business.

Terms and Exclusions:

  • The cost of advertising on the Old Time Dragnet Show is $35 per episode.
  • Each $35 advertising order includes your choice of host-read ad or your recorded ad inserted into the program, as well as a link in the show notes. With the purchase of three ads, you’ll be given a button sized ad in the sidebar of the home page that will continue to run for one week after your campaign with the Old Time Dragnet show is completed.
  • Your ad will be an exclusive ad for the episodes you’ve selected.
  • The show Itunes app may be mentioned.
  • Exclusions: Ads that will not be considered are those for tobacco products, pornography, financial services, or MLM (Multi-level marketing). The host also reserves the right to reject any ad campaign that may not be suitable for the show.
  • Ads should be requested three days in advance of the Saturday Airdate.
  • Payment accepted only through Paypal or Personal Money orders. No barter available.

Available shows for 1st Quarter:

  • February 20 and 27th, March 6, 13, 20, and 27

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