Q: Why don’t you include the ads for Fatima Cigarettes? Isn’t that part of the original experience?

A: The reason I don’t include the ads for Fatima Cigarettes are two fold. First of all, I find the ads annoying personally. I’d listened to nearly 40 episodes of Dragnet before I started the show and found their repetition quite irksome.

I’ve found over the years that if I enjoy listening to the show and am happy with the episodes we put out and can communicate that in the host segment, the listeners will find the enthusiasm infectious.

In addition, many parents have stated that they have their kids listen to the show, sometimes unsupervised because they prefer it to the other forms of entertainment out there and trust the way we provide content. The Fatima ads are somewhat troubling because they promote smoking, and given what we know now, I think I’d show the best respect for the trust parents have put in this program by keeping the ads out, as has been our practice since we started.

There are other podcasts that include the ads, including one that does Dragnet, however, I feel most comfortable doing the shows this way.

Q: Why do you read listener comments praising the show on the air?

A: What ultimately makes this show different from other Old Time Radio shows is that the audience is really invited to participate and be part of the show. Really, other shows play Old Time Radio, and others still have commentary to go along with it, but I’m aware of none other that tries to share the feedback of the audience and create a sense of community.

I think overall, it works for our show. The number of reviews we have on Itunes, the number of votes and comments garnered on Podcast Alley are really quite remarkable for an Old Time Radio show. People look at that as they consider subscribing. It is the willingness of so many great listeners to express how much they enjoy the show that’s at the heart of The Old Time Dragnet Show’s success. And that is feedback is encouraged when people know that it’s valued and appreciated.

Reading the listener feedback not is about gratifying the host, as just reading the great comments that have been left are very encouraging without reading them on the air. However, reading them on the air is a way of letting listeners know that their feedback is valued, and all the great feedback we’ve received has helped make our show be such a great success.  It also encourages more feedback which helps the show to grow.

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