After releasing the Iphone App, the one complaint I ran into was this:

“I don’t have an Iphone. ”

On the show, I talk about App extras all the time to help promote the App. However, the fact of the matter is that the Iphone and the Ipod Touch are not universally owned devices, so many people could not take part. After receiving several requests to do something for users without the Iphone, I’ve created the Premium site.

The Premium site is in a password protected directory with all the show extras that can be accessed on the app, as well as links to the listener survey, Podcast Alley, and contact information including voice mail,  Twitter, and Facebook.

Bonus audio can be downloaded right on to your computer where you can listen to it or manually transfer it to your mp3 player.

Bonus extra episodes include shows featuring:

  • Stars of Detective shows in other types of series. For example: Hear Basil Rathbone in Goodbye, Mr. Chips or Alan Ladd in Shane.
  • Police Theater: Examining the wide variety different old time radio shows made about law enforcement from Calling all Cars to Nightwatch

These bonus episodes are hosted with intro and outros and background on the show. In addition, commentary is provided for the video episodes.

Finally, I’ll also take the opportunity to share some of my old time radio episode discoveries. Preview shows that I’ve decided to add to the Great Detectives line-up, or just a fascinating old time radio show you might enjoy. (Note: Unhosted shows are only posted for 30 days to avoid cluttering the website.)

How It Works

Supporters of the show will be given access to Premium Content for both The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio and the Old Time Dragnet show by dropping a donation in the tip jar.

A donation of $7 or more gets you access to the premium site as long as its available.

Once I receive your donation, I’ll send you the URL for the bonus site and the user name and password. (Password should be sent out within 1 business day unless I’m indisposed.) The password will change every 3 months and premium subscribers who are paid up will receive notification of the new password.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Do not share the username and password outside of your immediate family. Doing so voids your subscription.
  • Support for the site is limited to ensuring that users can log in and access the files on the site. Transferring the MP3 files to devices, etc. are not functions we support.
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